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I devour books and recently I've started writing my own. I'm always on the hunt for something good to read, and for inspiration.

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My Fictional Little Slice of Suburbia

The Best Days


I've never had imaginary friends.  At least not in the conventional sense.  No invisible companion sat at the dinner table with me or whispered in my ear.  Instead what I had was my very own fictional world:  Laketown. 


Over the years it's changed, expanded and evolved.  But at the heart of it were always Rory and Rebecca O'Neil, two sisters struggling to navigate their way through life, love and loss. Both are flawed in their own way but it's those weaknesses that give them character and strength.  I don't think I'd like them nearly as much if they were perfect.


Rory and Rebecca are my friends, even though sometimes we've gone for years without speaking.  (It's my fault; life got in the way.)  I can see fragments of myself in both of them.  Their hopes, dreams and tragedies are, to varying degrees, my own.


It's time for me to introduce Rory and Rebecca to anyone who cares to meet them.  I hope you'll come to be as fond of them as I am.  I hope you'll enjoy getting to know them.  I know I've enjoyed spending time with them.